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High Accuracy Blue-Green Chip LEDs with Special Wavelength for People with Color Deficiency

SMLD12E2N1W and SMLD12E3N1W High Accuracy Blue-Green Chip LEDs
SMLD12E2N1W and SMLD12E3N1W High Accuracy Blue-Green Chip LEDs

ROHM has introduced the high accuracy blue-green chip LEDs, SMLD12E2N1W and SMLD12E3N1W, that support the adoption of Color Universal Design (CUD) in a variety of applications, such as fire alarm system indicator lights, industrial equipment warning lamps, and public transportation information displays.


The new Chip was developed by taking into account the Color Universal Design that supports various types of color vision to deliver accurate information to as many people as possible. The blue-green chip LEDs were developed with special wavelength, hence they can be used for implementing CUD in a wide range of devices that utilizes the vertically integrated production system.


SMLD12E2N1W and SMLD12E3N1W are the first 1608 size LEDs that are certified by the Japanese Non-Profit Organization, Color Universal Design Organization (CUDO) as the devices achieved the color schemes and designs that can be easily discernible by everyone including those people with P-type or D-type color deficiency who cannot distinguish the difference between red and green color.


Usage of a new resin has extended the LED lifetime and reduced the degradation of light intensity compared to conventional epoxy resins, it also improves the mold strength compared to silicone resins and provides superior reliability.


Features of SMLD12E2N1W and SMLD12E3N1W

  • Long life exceeding 90% residual luminous rate even after 1,000hrs (Ta=85,IF=20mA)
  • SMLD12E2N1W: Domain Wavelength(λD): 505nm; Luminous intensity: 120mcd; Color: Ice-Blue
  • SMLD12E3N1W: Domain Wavelength(λD): 496nm; Luminous intensity: 85mcd; Color: Bluish-Green
  • Forward Current: 20mA
  • Forward Voltage: 2.9
  • Power Dissipation: 66mW
  • Operating & Storage Temperature: -40 to +100


Note: More technical information about the chip LEDs can be found in the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the SMLD12E2N1W and SMLD12E3N1W product page.

Component Datasheet

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