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Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer with Vector Network Analysis (VNA) to Visualize and Debug Connectivity Issues

Rigol RSA3000N/5000N Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer with VNA
Rigol RSA3000N Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer with VNA

Saelig Company, Inc. has announced that the Rigol RSA3000 and RSA5000 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer series now includes five “N” versions that offer vector network analysis (VNA) up to 6.5GHZ. The VNAs were built on Rigol’s Ultra Real platform and offers S11 and S21 reflection and transmission analysis with a multi-touch user control via a 10.1” LCD touchscreen. The Linux Operating system used in the device provides a reliable and stable interface, whereas the front panel buttons, keyboard, mouse input are available for the straight forward user interface.


The S11 (forward reflection co-efficient) allows the engineers to quickly visualize and measure a component’s response on a Smith chart and polar plane along with the measurement of the component’s magnitude and SWR. Whereas S21 (forward transmission coefficient) allows the engineers to quickly visualize how amplifiers, filters, and cabling components affect impedance or phase as a function of frequency.


The VNA enables complex distance to fault measurements, this allows the engineers to easily debug connectivity issues that cannot be seen from visual inspection. The spectrum analyzer uses signal reflections to calculate the distance to a fault anomaly, which will be more helpful in debugging the communications system and completing cable tests as well as for optimizing performance and throughput of a network.


The Vector Network Analysis mode also supports modes such as the advanced measurements in Smith mode, real-time visualization, EMI pre-compliance analysis, and vector signal analysis tests. The analyzer series measurement possibilities include EMI, RTSA, VSA, and VNA modes in addition to the traditional GPSA mode so that the engineers conveniently address multiple RF test challenges with just one instrument in less time, cost and with high working efficiency. The settings required for transmitting testing such as multichannel power, ACP, and occupied bandwidth are provided in advanced measurement mode.


Features of Rigol RSA3000N/5000N 

  • Ultra-Real technology
  • Frequency: up to 4.5 GHz
  • Up to 40 MHz real-time analysis bandwidth
  • Multiple measurement modes
  • Various advanced measurement functions
  • EMI measurement application (option)
  • Vector network analyzer application
  • Multiple trigger modes and trigger masks
  • Density, spectrogram, and other display modes


Note: More Technical Information about the Rigol RSA3000N/5000N Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers can be found in the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the respective product page.

Component Datasheet

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