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Polymer Capacitors with Very Low ESR for Long Term Stability in MPU Applications

SP-CAP Polymer Capacitor
SP-CAP Polymer Capacitor

The new SP-Cap from the Panasonic industry is the new flagship of Super Low, with the lowest Equivalent Series Resistance of 3m. The new device made Polymer Technology a highly relevant option for microprocessor-based assemblies. The SP CAP can provide more sound performance within contemporary and complex low-profile electronic devices and it offers a capacitance is up to 850µF and a ripple current capacity up to 10.200 mA RMS.


The Polymer Technology of SP CAP can be a better replacement for  Multi-Layer ceramic capacitors and Pure Tantalum capacitors by offering a fewer number of parts being mounted on PCBs and having better performance as well. The SP CAPs are suitable to be used in The CPU power line of Server, Mobile PC and Video game, The FPGA power line of the communications, and the industrial and The GPU power line of the graphics card.


Features of SP-CAP

  • Ultra-low ESR capacitor, top class in the industry
  • Stable temperature characteristics/Frequency characteristics
  • High safety made possible by self-recovery function (no ignition)
  • Low ESL type adopting three-terminal structure available
  • The lineup of 1.0-mm (max.) thick low-profile products
  • Long-life compared to general electrolytic capacitors


Note: More technical information can be found in the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the SP-CAP product page.

Component Datasheet

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