Introducing a Price Comparison Search Engine on Components101 for Designers to Compare Stocks and Pricing among Distributors

Price Comparison Search Engine on Components101
Price Comparison Search Engine on Components101
Price Comparison Search Engine on Components101

Components101 users will now be able to view authorised distributor pricing and inventory availability on electronic component product articles with a manufacturer part number. The new tool can be found at the bottom of the product article below the datasheet link. This stock check solution is powered by, a leading price comparison search engine for electronic parts. The stock check tool will help engineers to locate inventory, find prices, and purchase directly from authorised distributors including Mouser, Avnet, RS, Farnell, Arrow, Future, and more.


You can find an example of where to find the tool in the below image and article.

Authorised Distributor Pricing and Inventory

This new feature now means engineers can find out the latest electronic component product insights and also now purchase the part directly from the article from distributors for production or design projects. Users can also view the Minimum Order Quantity for the part, as well as the part description, lead time, datasheet, and packaging size/type by clicking on the “i” information icon. The drop-down arrows can be selected to view all price breaks for higher quantities from that specific distributor. Clicking ‘Buy Now’ will send users directly into the distributor’s product pages ready to order.

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