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High Current, 40-60V, 7pin MOSFETs with Lower RDS(on) for Battery-Powered Applications

Infineon's StrongIRFET 40-60V MOSFET
Infineon's StrongIRFET 40-60V MOSFET

Infineon Technologies extended its portfolio of StrongIRFET 40-60V MOSFET product family with three new products, namely IRF40SC240, IRF60SC241, and IRL60SC216 in a D²PAK 7pin+ package. The new MOSFETs provides the customers with a better option for selecting the ideal power device for many design challenges. The interchangeable pinout options of the package allow for unmatched design flexibility.


The new MOSFETs offers 13% lower RDS(on) when compared with other standard D²PAK 7pin package and have up to 50% higher current-carrying capability when compared to previous generation devices, this eventually increases both robustness and reliability for high power density applications that need high efficiency. These new MOSFETs are designed for targeting battery-powered applications including, battery-powered tools, battery management systems, and low-voltage drives.


The package is optimized to hold a die with an increased area of up to 20%, while sharing the same footprint and pinout as a standard D²PAK 7pin, hence it can easily replace the traditional D²PAK 7pin and H²PAK packages. It provides design flexibilities as the product family offers both normal and logic level gate drive.


Features of new StrongIRFET 40-60V MOSFET

  • Low RDS (on)
  • High current capability
  • Industry-standard package
  • Flexible pinout
  • Optimized for 10V and 5V gate drive


Note: More technical information can be found in the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the IRF40SC240, IRF60SC241 and IRL60SC216 product page.

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