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DMN3012LEG - Integrated Dual MOSFETs for Better Efficiency and Reduced PCB Space

DMN3012LEG Integrated Dual MOSFET
DMN3012LEG Integrated Dual MOSFET

Diodes Incorporated has introduced the DMN3012LEG integrated dual MOSFETs in a single 3.3mmx3.3mm package with increased efficiency to provide significant cost, power, and 50% space saving in a wide variety of power conversion and control applications. The 3D structure of the PowerDI 3333-8 Type D increases the overall power efficiency and its high voltage and current rating make it widely applicable.


The new solution will run with less heat because of its fully grounded pad design as it delivers better thermal performance and the need for large inductors and capacitors is also minimized because of the high switching speeds and efficiency of the process.


The smaller space usage of the device makes it suitable to be used in various applications using point of load (PoL) and power management modules, the DMN3012LEG can also be used in DC-DC synchronous buck converters and half-bridge power topologies to reduce the size of power converter solutions.


Features of DMN3012LEG MOSFET

  • 100% Unclamped Inductive Switch (UIS) Test in Production
  • Low On-Resistance of 12mΩ at Vgs=5V for Q1 and 6mΩ at Vgs=5V for Q2
  • Low Input Capacitance
  • Fast Switching Speed
  • Combines fast turn-on and turn-off delay speeds of 5.1nS and 6.4nS for Q1, and 4.4nS and 12.4ns for Q2
  • Accept a 30V drain-source voltage with 10V gate-source, and supports 5V gate drive


Note: More technical information can be found in the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the DMN3012LEG product page.

Component Datasheet

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