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New 100W High-Performance RF Hybrid Couplers for 40GHz Wide Bandwidth Applications

RF Hybrid Coupler from Fairview Microwave
100W High-Performance RF Hybrid Coupler

Fairview Microwave, Inc. has introduced 21 new RF hybrid couplers that are suitable for RF applications that require an equal split of input and output ports with 90-degree or 180-degree phase shifts while maintaining high isolation between ports. These new models feature a coaxial design with SMA and 2.92mm connectors.


The new RF hybrid couplers can operate at a high-frequency range of up to 40GHz for wideband applications. These new devices can also provide excellent isolation and insertion loss performance with low return loss.


Features of New RF Hybrid Couplers

  • High operating frequency range up to 40GHz for wideband applications
  • Coaxial designs with SMA and 2.92mm connectors
  • Power handling capability up to 100W(CW)
  • Very good isolation and insertion loss performances with low return loss
  • Flat phase balance performance across the frequency range


Note: More technical information can be found in the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and in the High-Performance Hybrid Couplers Product page.

Component Datasheet

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