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1200V Schottky Diodes in Compact and Cost Effective 2-pin Package

Infineon's 1200V Schottky Diode
Infineon's 1200V Schottky Diode

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced 6 new devices as an expansion to its Cool Sic Schottky diodes 1200V portfolio in a D²PAK real 2-pin package to make the design more compact and cost-effective and to eliminate the middle pin to offer 4.7 mm creepage and 4.4 mm clearance distance. The new devices have enhanced safety margins than the standard D²PAK package, hence they are suitable for applications such as Industrial power supplies and DC charging stations, uninterrupted power supplies, and solar string inverters.


The new devices use Infineon’s CoolSiC Schottky diode 1200 V technology G5 rates from 2A to 20A, it offers best-in-class forward voltage and high surge current capability and prevents reverse recovery losses and allows for temperature-independent switching behavior. These features can streamline designs with lower cooling requirements and smaller magnetics when used at the higher switching frequency. With this new SiC diodes, designers can reach a new level of power density and reliability compared to Si solutions.


Features of 1200V Schottky diode 

  • Best-in-class forward voltage (V F)
  • No reverse recovery charges
  • Mild positive temperature dependency of V F
  • Best-in-class surge current capability
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Improved system efficiency at low switching frequencies
  • Increased power density at high switching frequencies
  • Up to 40A rated diode


More technical information can be found in the IDK20G120C5 datasheet linked below or visit the CoolSiC Schottky diode 1200 V product page.

Component Datasheet

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